Thursday, June 9, 2011

Room to Grow

Even though we haven't had much summer weather or Spring weather for that fact around here, We have still been getting a lot of work done on the outside of the house.
My Saturday Helper.
You can see to the left that  the grass beat the weed block fabric and came through with a vengeance. I did spray it with Roundup and it seems to be working. I will win.

The back yard is making a lot of progress. Flower beds are in, the grass is growing and the rain barrel has stopped the leaking in the basement. The plants are growing nicely and I can't wait for it to be grown in.

The latest project has been the addition of our raised beds in the neighbor's parking strip. My Mom and Step-Dad had some cedar cut and milled to build raised beds for their garden and lucky for me, had some wood left over. The boys had a great time helping Poppa Rick count screws and put together the boxes.
Last weekend, Dad and I filled 16 bags of pea gravel, laid down the weed blocks and spread the pea gravel. I also put him to work building me a smaller box just for cutting flowers out of some leftover fence boards and a piece of a hall closet the Graham tore out a few months ago. I love re-purposing! I planted all of my starts and a bunch of seeds. We are going to have so many sunflowers this summer and I am beyond excited.

Next up is the driveway area. I have 4 bags of gravel left to use along the fence. I am hoping that I can find the time tomorrow in our already packed day to get started on that project.
Until the next episode...

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