Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catch up

I know, i know. It's been almost a year since my last post.
The roof is 98% finished. We still need flashing installed around the dormers (at least the asbestos shingles were removed last summer) and various ropes/roofing supplies removed. I will try to get some pictures shortly. It really does look MUCH better.

If you remember, Last summer we had the energy audit and received insulation in all of the exterior walls. I have to say that I never stop being amazed at how much it helped the house stay cool during the summer and warmer in the winter. We always assumed that the windows were the reason the house was cold/hot, turns out not to have been that big of an issue...

The outside of the house is still missing shingles about as high as I can reach with many paint swatches all over the place. I'm pretty sure that I am settled on a dark blue body with a sage green trim and possibly bronze window frames. I have been calling our home The Monster House most of the year. It's pretty sad.
I do have to say that the garden is looking SO MUCH better! So many flowers, it's really filling out. Oliver's preschool plant sale the past 2 years have really helped us acquire a lot of really great plants for not too much money. Unfortunately, our lovely lawn from last spring was destroyed during the roof installation. I really want to get new sod put down this year, but hesitate know that we will need to strip the rest of the siding. Maybe this fall we can put in new grass....

So not too many large projects have been accomplished. I have slowly knocked out little projects here and there, but with the boys it seems like the house falls apart faster than we can put it together...
One morning the boys decided to feed themselves breakfast. Cheerios and Marshmallows....
I tackled various organization projects. This is the upper part of our hall closet. I cleaned the whole thing out, painted the walls, shelves & doors. I even installed little crystal knobs. For the most part, this closet still looks like this...
I also turned our little bedroom closet into a mini walk in closet with the help of my dad. We installed 8" deep shelves to the right in a small nook and then I put in 2 short hanging rods to the left. Graham and I each have our own racks and a few shelves. On the back wall, I hung a scarf ring from Ikea. Maximum efficiency. I have all the stuff to do the same thing to Oliver's closet, I just haven't had the time or energy to tackle THAT project.

Oliver was having some difficulty with sleeping in his room the last few months, so in the fall I decided to rearrange his rooms and give it a new theme. I painted his bed bright red, added some pirate bedding that Opa bought him and moved the furniture all around. Unfortunately, it didn't really help with the sleep issue.
(side note: since adding a A/C unit/fan in his room a couple weeks ago, he has been doing really well with staying in his room almost all night. He still does crawl into our bed around dawn. A major improvement.)

So I have been thinking of goals for house projects this year, and I have come up with a little list:
- Refinish the living room/hallway floors
- Strip the rest of the exterior shingles
- Prep and paint the exterior
- Gravel the drive way
- Finish/repair the gate
- Build the mantle & install the TV over the fireplace (we have had all the materials since Thanksgiving of 2010!)
- Re-sod the back yard.
- Install Sun Room & Play room lights

- Finish the "built-in" shelving in the Living Room.
- Build the window seat and shelving on either side of the fireplace
- Create built ins in the Sun Room for coats and seasonal storage.
- Install shelving in the basement and finally get it clean/organized...
- Maybe, just maybe install new floors in the kitchen & dining room (though that will require a wall being taken down...
- a New kitchen! (i know this won't be anytime soon, but a girl can still dream!

Final picture: Last year, my planter boxes were a huge success. A little TOO successful! I'm trying a new lay out this year and am hoping that it will work out better. Here is a picture of some of our tomatoes and lettuces. I am trying a new system for the beans and peas this year. Now I just need to get them in the ground!


  1. You guys have done so much with your house! That place will really be awesome when you're finished. There is so much room and so much potential in that house!

  2. Your goals for this year are not really a little list :)
    It would be amazing if you guys were able to do all of that! I love the sound of the paint colors you chose, can't wait to see photos of it finished!